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Bullshit Satellite
Worn Soul/Decomposition
Mad Logik/Reanimation
Mechanized Lust
Small Yummy
Sex on the Bus
Nervous Condition
Momentary Abstractions
One Last Thing
Deli-Cut Fuckshittt

Komputer Beats
Sex With a Drum Machine
Destroy Your City
Ominous Space
Bounce Dem
Message Deleted
This Guy
I Have 348979
It Burns When I Flow
Reeboks On Ewoks

Sleaze Machine
First Play of the Game (The Agony of Victory)
Heavy Petting
Big Business on the Streets of Pompton
Black Girls on the Toilet
Re: Sleazy Motels
Fifi Bags
Girls Like Drugs
Suicide Watch
Death Tape '78
My Mind is Going...
Mellow Like Tron
Basic Killer Manifesto
Krim Tag
So Clyde
The Breakdown Method
Strippers With the Shits (Dirty Towel Remix)

Dark Glasses
Dark Glasses (The Main Mix)
Dark Glasses (Just The Drums Dub)

Scenes From Last Summer
Untitled (Sex Scene)
Smokey Room (Reconstruction)
Bad Ideas (The Transition)
The Deal (Cocaine)
16mm (Fuckfilm / Finale)

Music for Sleazy + Illicit Encounters
The Money Shot
Crime Factory
Dusted/Tuning Out
Pushing Buttons on a Burning Bridge
Gnome in the Barrio
Crime Factory (Arthur Diddle Style)

From the Desk of Mr. Mess
Wine & Sleaze
Untitled Lament

Tropical Dystopia
Turning On
Midnight Hustle
Gomez on the Case
Strange Dreams
Roads of Excess
Chrome Cassette
No Tribe
Reprogrammed Tranquility

Blind Transmission
A Life Left Behind
Planned Obsolescence
Miles Away
System Reboot
False Memories
Frequency Shift
Coda (End Transmission)

Tourist Trap
Pyramid Scheme
Swamp Gas
Passion Faker
Check Your Meds
Byronic Hero