Diff'rent Strokes - The Bicycle Man (1983)

There is absolutely nothing funny about child molestation, however leave it to Gary Coleman and the cast of Diff'rent Strokes  (as well as Gordon Jump, formerly of WKRP in Cincinnati) to put somewhat of a satirical spin on, what would otherwise be a horrible topic. 

For those that remember 1983, you will remember this as the two part episode that deals with Arnold and his pal Dudley being lured into the the overly touchy hands of Mr. Horton, the local bike shop owner. Right off the bat, Horton is so creepy with his innuendos, and to make things more awkward, Arnold's innocent innuendos are equally as perverse. He befriends Arnold and together, they sip wine and eat banana splits and it's not long before Arnold introduces his friend Dudley to Mr. Horton, and almost immediately, the creepy factor rises by ten. They take off their shirts and start playing Tarzan and Horton's taking pictures of them posing, they drink more wine, thumb through a skin mag aptly titled Cutie and lastly, they watch a watch an x-rated cartoon while eating Boston Cream pies. Being the punk that he was, Arnold bailed and left Dudley to be led into a game of Neptune, King of the Sea, where apparently all you need is a lot of water, a bathtub or a shower and pills that make you feel good....or so says Mr. Horton.

Chalk this episode up to MUST SEE status because it's creepy, comical, cliche, and dead serious all at the same time. Please note that this is a significantly better version than my previous upload a few years back, as well as a much smaller file.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Format: MP4
Running Time: 48:44