Pointless Infoz: Marking Your Battle Records

I'm sure most of you have your methods for marking cue points on your battle records (stickers, tiny blobs of paint, self-inflicted scratches, etc), but most of these will permanently wreck the record. 

Many years back, my roommate was a bartender and she had these fluorescent Bistro Markers and I remember using them to tag an old record I had. Not only did it look bad ass, but you can still play the record and it sounded fine, and furthermore; you could wipe it right off with a damp towel. Oh shit! I started using the markers to mark spots on my battle records so I could quickly find a certain "ahhh" or "freshhhhh" or maybe a nice locked groove. 


The only heads up that I advise, is when you dab, do it very lightly because a little really goes along way. If the blob is too thick, flatten it with your finger and wipe off the excess. Also, I definitely don't recommend this for your all of your vinyl, but if you're like me and have quite a bit of white-label/unmarked battle records, this may help you find your sounds much quicker in the midst of a rapid-fire set. 

 I've never seen these on sale at office supply joints, but you can almost always find them at art supply stores (personally, I pick mine up from the A.C. Moore in Pompano) or you can order them directly from the manufacturer: Marvy Uchida.