Quasar - Live @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia (1997)

If you're a die-hard fan of the Beastie Boys, the name Quasar should be somewhat familiar to you, but if you're not that die-hard fan, let me give you a really brief rundown: in 1995, the Beasties released their return-to-roots punk EP; Aglio E Olio. Rather than play to enormous crowds, they decided to gig at smaller, more intimate venues and toured under the name of Quasar. The first Quasar show was in 1995 at Coney Island High School in New York and their last show was played in the beginning of 1997 in Japan. Their live shows were done strictly punk with no hip-hop to speak of even though most people were probably expecting them to jump into Sabotage or maybe even Gratitude, but alas it never happened. The live Quasar sets consisted of material from Polly Wog Stew, Aglio E Olio, and of course quality covers from Minor Threat, The Circle Jerks, and The Ramones just to name a few. This particular show was recorded at The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia on January 23rd, 1997 and whereas it wasn't taped from the soundboard, it still sounds relatively decent. I'm assuming that the recording source was from a handheld device somewhere in the crowd (possibly even a video camera), but regardless; it sounds pretty damn nice and it makes you feel like you're RIGHT THERE, maybe 10 feet away from the stage. Enjoy!!!

Time For Livin' (live)
Egg Raid On Mojo (live)
Brand New (live)
Ode To ... (live)
Red Tape (Minor Threat Cover) (live)
Mullethead (live)
Riot Fight (live)
Nervous Assistant (live)
53rd And 3rd (Ramones Cover) (live)
I Want Some (live)
Tough Guy (live)
Transit Cop (live)
Deal With It (live)
Believe Me (live)
Beastie Boys (live)
I'm A Cliche (X-Ray Spex Cover) (live)
Soba Violence (live)
Square Wave In Unison (live)
Reagan Youth (Reagan Youth Cover)(live)
I Can't Think Straight (live)
You Catch A Bad One (live)
Big Shot (live)
Heart Attack Man (live)

(36.3mb via Mediafire)