Carl Crack - Lion MC/Dance The Monkey (1995)

Here's a tasty little gem that I figured I'd post for y'all fans of Carl Crack. For those not in-the-know, Carl Crack is one third of the original Atari Teenage Riot line-up which consisted of Hanin Elias as well as the legendary Alec Empire. Lion MC/Dance The Monkey is a cassette only mix that was released and distributed by MiDi WAR back in 1995 and it features some of the most raw amen-style breakcore that is guaranteed to blow your mind (and possibly your speakers) mixed by Carl Crack himself. The continuous mix is broken into 2 tracks (side A and side B repspectively) and whereas the individual mixed tracks aren't listed, many will undoubtedly sound familiar, especially if you're a fan of the early Digital Hardcore scene. Just for clarification purposes, the actual name of the album is Lion MC (as it says on the insert), however the cassette itself says Dance The Monkey. Enjoy!!!

(83.6mb via Megaupload)