Dr. Neptune's Delicious Elixir

So a few nights ago, me and a buddy were up in the ATL checking out the almighty DJ Shadow dropping some science at the Roxy Theater, and holy shit, it was amazing. First off, it was a total spur of the moment road trip that started off with a nine hour drive of solid blazing, iPod listening, and a couple of bad-ass roast beef subs from Publix. Once we got to Atlanta, we copped a quick bite at Chick-Filet, freshened up in the bathroom, and made our way to the Roxy. Sensing that the drink prices would be outrageous at best, we filled a water bottle up with vodka and stashed it in a pocket for later use. As we walked in, Lateef the Truth Speaker was on the last song of his set and once he was finished and the house lights came up, that's when the anticipation really started to build. We had paid $10.00 for two Redbulls which we used to chase the smuggled vodka so by this point, the vibe was right as the lights went down and the drums began to thunder from the speakers. It was a fantastic show which included Chris James performing Erase You and You Made It from Shadow's Outsider LP as well as Lateef doing his thing on Mashin' On The Motorway. He closed the show with Midnight In A Perfect World, but it seemed that he did little more than press play on a CD player, but it was mad-cool all the same. After the show, we ended up meeting Shadow and snapped a few pics and my friend got his sampler autographed. We left, got lost, and ended up having to ask for directions, crashed at some scuzzy motel with these old school light switches, woke up, and hit the road and got back to Deerfield around 6 o'clock that night. What a trip!!!


If you're familiar with Shadow's work and you know the track Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain from his 1996 album Endtroducing, you've probably wondered where that vocal sample from the beginning of the song comes from (or maybe you haven't). Most samplenerds and music dorks know that it comes from the 1986 movie The Aurora Encounter, but outside of eBay, it may be a bit hard to come by and really; do you really want to pay for a movie just so you can watch a piece of sampled video. Whilst scouring the depths and wealth of the SLSK, I came upon this video snippet of the scene from the movie that was sampled for Shadow's track. If you know the song, you simply MUST check out the video.

So yeah...I guess that's all for now!