The Young & The Useless - Real Men Don't Floss (1982)

The initial release of this album was limited to a run of less than 800 copies so it goes without saying that this is definitely a gem that you should add to your Beastie Boys MP3 collection. For those not in-the-know (and for those who didn't catch the previous Beastie Boys post), the Young And The Useless were a band made up of Adam Trese, Arthur Africano, Dave Scilken, and future Beastie; Adam Horovitz. According to Dave Parsons from Ratcage Records (the label that released the Beastie Boys Polywog Stew as well as Real Men Don't Floss), "The Young and The Useless were actually potentially hotter than the Beastie Boys. I was getting calls from all over the US about bringing this young band out on tour. Then (when Horovitz jumped ship over to the Beastie Boys) all of a sudden they didn't exist anymore. Look at the cover of their EP, they would have been the biggest punk band from New York. They were way ahead of the pack and couldn't even play yet!! So young!! Everybody wanted to see them..." Fate (as well as a vacancy for a guitarist) led Adam Horovitz over to the Beasties and the rest is pure, uncut hip-hop history. Check out this 6 track EP that is as nostalgic as it is hardcore. All tracks tagged & encoded within iTunes with cover-art. Ch-check it out!!!

1. Young & Useless
2. P.M.H.
3. The Wave
4. Home Boy
5. Rise And Shine
6. Funky Music

download HERE (7.1mb)