Country Mike - Country Mike's Greatest Hits (2000) before everybody starts freaking out, this isn't your typical country album by any means. It's actually a side project of the Beastie Boys, more specifically, Mike D. playing the role of, you guessed it; Country Mike. It's a safe bet that whatever side project the Beasties have ever tackled (BS2000, MCA's collab with Burzootie, etc), needs to be taken with a grain of salt and Country Mike's Greatest Hits is most certainly no different. The story goes that sometime shortly after the recording of 1994's Ill Communication, Mike D. got hit in the head and ended up loosing his memory. As the days went on and his fog lifted, he came back as a country-western singer who went by the name of Country Mike. The other Beasties were told by Mike's psychologist that if they didn't play along, his well-being could be in grave danger so needless to say...they played along. Mike eventually came back to his senses, but in the time of his altered-state, he managed to hit the studio and drop his own album which is as much of a crossover if not more than that Nelly/Tim McGraw joint from a few years back. Honestly, if I didn't know that this was a Beastie project, I'd be certain that this was some from some random truck-stop cowboy cassette tape that somehow made it into my collection, but alas, it's really the Beastie Boys throwing their hat in the country ring with more than convincing results. All tracks tagged and encoded within iTunes @ 256kbps (with a few exceptions) with cover art.

1. Sloppy Drunks
2. Railroad Blues
3. We Can Do This
4. Country Delight
5. Don't Let The Air Out My Tires
6. How Do You Mend An Achin' Heart
7. One Song A Night
8. Country Christmas
9. Kenny Jones (Country Knows Best)
10. Country Mike's Theme
11. On Your Way Up Again (The Fowl Song)
12. The Half-Wit

download HERE (49.4mb)