Beastie Boys - Permit To Ill (1985)

The mix quality may not be the best, but this is one of the original performance by the Beastie Boys in the days prior to the release of Licensed To Ill when they were opening up for none other than the Kabbalah queen herself; Madonna. On May 21st, 1985 they took the stage at the St. Paul Civic Center (that's in Minnesota for the geographically impaired) with Rick Rubin (alias DJ Double R) behind the wheels and kicked out their 5 jams of the moment including a cover of T. La Rock's It's Yours and MCA and Burzootie's Drum Machine to a packed house of unsuspecting Madonna fans who weren't quite sure what to make of the raunchy trio. There are a few points in the performance that sound incredibly awkward, almost as if the mics were too loud and perhaps the Boys didn't have all of their cues memorized, but it's a classic show nonetheless. I could only imagine the looks on the faces of the parents who assumed that they were taking their kids to a Madonna show only to be sonically assaulted by what would become one of the most prolific hip-hop groups of all time. This is a must-listen for any die hard Beastie Boy fan so make sure you snatch it up while you can. All tracks tagged & encoded within iTunes @ 256kbps.

1. Intro
2. It's Yours
3. She's On It
4. Drum Machine
5. Beastie Groove
6. Rock Hard

download HERE (44.1mb)