Holy Breaks & Beats!!!

For some of us, The Utimate Breaks and Beats albums were the first step of a long journey into the science of digging and sampling. Now for those who don't know, these were vinyl only compilations that came out around 1986 that featured funk/jazz/disco tracks that had all been sampled at some point or another. So...the other day I stumble upon this blog and HOLY SHIT! This guy has all 25 volumes of The Ultimate Breaks and Beats collection posted for download b-b-b-but wait it gets worse!!! Not only does he have those but he also has all 13 volumes of the Dusty Fingers collection plus he has a shitload of obscure movie scores (Black Ceasar, In Cold Blood, and my personal fav Full Metal Jacket). I also found this other blog and he's got some mad jazz funk shit that just blew my mind. If you're into rare grooves and whatnot, do youself a solid, and check out these two blogs...trust me.

Dust To Dust

Double-O-Soul Face B