Dusty Fingers Volume One (1997)

So called hip-hop purists have always frowned upon the Strictly Breaks/Ultimate Breaks & Beats compilation series because it shed light on once hard to come-by tracks that producers had kept top secret in the days before sample clearance. One of the first records that I bought way back in the days was Strictly Breaks #4 which had such gems as The Funky Drummer, Blow Your Head, Bring It Here, & Cold Sweat, and that record alone taught me SO much about sampling and groove-hunting that it's value was immeasurable. Granted, using the samples today (without a certain degree of sonic mangling) would seem a little cheesey, but to just kick back and take a listen will truly school the mind on where this whole sampling/drum programming thing really came from. This particular compilation is definitely an essential listen for the groove-hunter and jazz/funk fan alike. Enjoy.

1. Projection - Abstractions
2. Ferrante & Teicher - Lady Love
3. Dorothy Ashby - The Windmills Of Your Mind
4. Billy Brooks - Fourty Days
5. Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
6. Les Baxter - Hogin' Machine
7. Amon Duul - Kismet
8. David Axelrod - The Warnings
9. Oliver Sain - On The Hill
10. Ryo Kawasaki - Bamboo Child
11. Don Blackman - Holding You, Loving You
12. The Overton Berry Trio - Hey Jude
13. Annette Peacock - Survival
14. Dee Dee Warwick - Dee Dee Drums

download HERE (53.3mb)
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