Beastie Boys - Def & Dumb (1987)

Although somewhat of a collectors item but not necessarily rare, Def & Dumb is one of those classic interview discs from the 80's featuring the Beastie Boys at the height of their uber-indulgent wild years. Not much is known about the interview circumstances other than that it was recorded whilst in the UK sometime after the release of Licensed To Ill but definitely before Paul's Boutique (presumably during the Raising Hell Tour). They talk about their start as a hardcore band, defining what they're all about, MCA's public vomiting, strippers, life on the road, and lots of other random, dusted out stuff. The Beasties drop a few funny stories about Russell Simmons that most definately must be checked out for a laugh or two, and if that wasn't enough; there's some groupie named Lizzy hanging out in the room during the interview that drops some science every now and then and it really adds to the whole frat-boy vibe they projected during that era. One last interesting little tid-bit is that the Beasties mention a track called Pile-Driver which has never been released or heard by anyone as far as I know. Well here it is in all of it's dorkiness....the Beastie Boys - Def & Dumb.

Download HERE (41.4mb)
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