My Studio

HARDWARE: Behringer V-AMP2, Behringer 602A mixer, Zoom 1210 effects unit, a Numark deck and a Gemini MPX350 mixer, Casio CTK601 (used as a MIDI controller), M-Audio Oxygen 8, M-Audio DX4 monitors, a cheap Squire guitar, Dunlop Wah Pedal, Mu-Tron Phasor, a DOD Attacker pedal, a djembe, a few mics, and an assload of good vinyl.

SOFTWARE: Abelton Live, Sony Sound Forge, & Vegas

PLUGINS: Native Instruments Absynth, Linplug Albino, Native Instruments FM7, Steinberg Groove Agent, Native Instruments Reaktor, FXpansion GURU, Korg Legacy Collection, Dash Signature EVE, Klanglabs Vokko Lite, reFX JunoX, Tweakbench Tapeworm, Sonic Charge ┬ÁTonic, Luxonix Ravity-S, reFX Slayer 2, reFX PlastiCZ, G-Media Oddity, Native Instruments Pro-53, HG Fortune Protoplasm, Kiesel Helga, Novation V-Station, Rob Papen Blue, Native Instruments B4, reFX Vanguard, Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX, Antares AVOX, Lumonix LFX-1310, Odaku Effect, Sonic Flavours R66, Ohm Force Ohm Boyz & Predatohm, IK Multimedia T-Racks, Waves Diamond Bundle, and Voxengo plugins.