Dynamic Adventures in Beat Reconstruction

Confused & Irritated (Nothing Less)
Advanced Toilet Training
Bait & Switch (Earthtest)
Fashion Plate
Revenge of the Decoy (Croaker Sack)
The Pig Botz
Tommy is Dead (Workflow/Makeroom)


Partial list of samples used in the recording of this audio document: 

Confused & Irritated (Nothing Less)
Dr Paul Parker - How to Use Tact and Skill in Handling People
Mort Garson - The Ride Of Aida
Bobby Williams And His Mar Kings - All The Time
Dialogue from "Deep Throat"
Brian Ruud - From a Bum Trip to The Trip Beyond
The Whitefield Brothers - The Bastard

Advanced Toilet Training
Jimmy Swaggart - The Ring Of Fire

Bait & Switch (Earthtest)
Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still
Lou Christie - Lightnin Strikes
2 Live Crew - Ghetto Bass

Fashion Plate
Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism

W. Cleon Skousen - Instant Insanity Drugs
Dialogue from "Boyz n the Hood"
The Pygmies of the Ituri Forest
Jean-Claude Pelletier - Dangerous For Your Health
Piero Piccioni - La Rai Si Presenta
Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa

Revenge Of The Decoy (Croaker Sack)
Jimmy Swaggart - Ring of Fire
Usha Khanna - Hotel Incidental Music
Manfred Krug - Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt
Toni Rubio - Bass In Action
Leroy & Skillet - Backdoor Daddy
Francis Coppieters - Sales Talk
Dialogue from "To Catch A Predator"

The Pig Botz
David Walker - Never Can Say Goodbye
Jimmy Swaggart - Ring of Fire
Danielle Patucci - La Dimo Strzione
Jim Bakker - How to Accomplish The Impossible
Queen - Flash Gordon Soundtrack
Pat Robertson - It's Time To Pray America

Tommy Is Dead (Workflow/Makeroom)
W. Cleon Skousen - Instant Insanity Drugs
Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever
Crystal Illusion - Creations Unlimited
Dexter Wansel - A Prophet Named K.G.
Captain Sky - Saturday Night Move
Alain Goraguer - Mira et Ten
The Monterey's - Get Down
Captain Sky - Now That I Have You
Nino De Luca - La Ragazza con la Pistola

From the Desk of Mr. Mess

File under lo-fi, sleazy, instrumental, experimental, funky
Wine & Sleaze
Untitled Lament


All tracks composed and recorded by Tommy Boylston

Pugs on Drugs (aka Kibble Beats)

Sampled, chopped, and programmed by Casiohardcore circa 2005

Shank Tool
Monkey Bay Blues
Eye of the Hurricane
Out-Call Only
Morally Bankrupt


Tripnophonic - Planet X (1998)

File under drum & bass, digital hardcore, experimental, jungle

Recorded 1997-1998 at the Psychedelic Smoker

Blind Transmission

File under lo-fi, moody, instrumental, dusty...

A Life Left Behind
Planned Obsolescence
Miles Away
System Reboot
False Memories
Frequency Shift
Coda (End Transmission)


All tracks composed and recorded by Tommy Boylston

Cat Shit feat. Yung Pompton III

From the Ambien Prozac EP produced by Aloha Miscreant
Cat $hit feat. Yung Pompton III
Promethazine (VHS)


Untitled (Sex Scene)

File under lo-fi, turntablism, instrumental, dirty...
Download the entire Scenes from Last Summer album and more HERE

Strippers With The Shits (Dirty Towel Remix)

Strippers, with the shits just ain't funny
And I know, that you gotta make some money
But sometimes, you should probably stay home
If your tummy's acting up, call out, use my phone
And I know, that your rent's overdue
Your cat's a little sick and you're running low on glue
But girl think twice because it's really not cool
To dance on the stage and drop a little poo...

Tropical Dystopia

Some chill shit straight outta Broward County, Florida:

Downtempo, drum machine driven ghetto-bass with elements of chillwave,
vaporwave. and abstract, drugged out minimalism...

Turning On
Midnight Hustle
Gomez on the Case
Strange Dreams
Roads of Excess
Chrome Cassette
No Tribe
Reprogrammed Tranquility

Available for streaming/download/purchase via:


All tracks composed and recorded by Tommy Boylston

The TR-606 Expansion for the Roland TR-8 Has Arrived!

I'm not sure how I didn't see this sooner, but Roland has just released a firmware update for the 7X7 expansion which now incorporates the amazing sounds of the TR-606 drum machine into the TR-8. At your fingertips, you now have the following classic beatboxes:

Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606

As to be expected, you can mix & match your sounds so that you can run with the kick from a 606, the snare from an 808, toms from the 727, and hats from the 909. For a drum machine nerd, such as myself, this is fucking fantastic!

Get all the info here!

Miscreant OG Drum Kit

Personally sampled, chopped, and compiled between 1999 and 2005

Although I've fucked around with tons of drum kits over the years, this was (and occasionally still is) my go-to for laying down crunchy hip-hop beats, and whereas it's not genre-specific, this kit lends itself well to boom-bap, down-tempo, and similar styles. Feel free to download and drop these in your sampler, either hardware or virtual, and grind out some ill-ass beats! Enjoy!

36 Kicks
47 Snares
28 Hi-Hats




SLEAZE! is a short film/music video by The Hi-Fi/Low-Life (aka Tommy Boylston) based on the Music for Sleazy + Illicit Encounters project. It's nasty, grimy, and filled with an unsettling amount of psychedelia, both visually and musically. Most of the cuts are from various Russ Meyer movies as well as drug propaganda and educational films from the 1960's. It's some weird shit. 

Music For Sleazy + Illicit Encounters

The Money Shot
Crime Factory
Pushing Buttons on a Burning Bridge
Gnome in the Barrio
Crime Factory (Arthur Diddle Style)


All tracks composed and recorded by Tommy Boylston