Goodbye, Scooberto

(2000 - 2015)

With tremendous sadness and a heavy heart, I regretfully announce the passing of one of the greatest dogs that I’ve ever known; the one and only Scoob (aka Senior Scooberto). He lived an awesome, adventure filled life and was always surrounded by love and affection. As he gracefully aged from a young pup into an old, wise man, he became more and more of a loyal companion, and stayed by our sides, even in the worst of times. He was loved by many, and undoubtedly left a warm spot in the hearts of anybody that ever met him. Amongst his animal peers, he was the cool, yet cranky old man that they followed around and often slept and cuddled with. On Sunday, he went out for his morning stroll in the backyard and feel in the pool and never made it out. We found him several minutes later and despite performing CPR , we were not able to save him. It was beyond heartbreaking. He, like our cats, wasn’t just a pet; he was part of our family, and we have indeed suffered a great loss with his passing. We love you, little buddy!