The TR-7X7 Expansion Is Available From Roland

Good news everybody; Roland has finally released the highly anticipated TR-7X7 expansion for the TR-8 drum machine! This means, in addition to having the rich and robust 808 and 909 sounds at your disposal, you will also be able to use sounds from the underrated Roland TR-707 and TR-727 drum machines. The bad news; this update will cost us $95 (US). More info here

In the real world/grand scheme of things, it's not at all uncommon for a company to charge for expansion packs or for additional content, however after dropping $500 on a drum machine which, essentially has only two kits, being asked to fork over another $95 for additional drum sounds seems like a bit much, especially considering it's only the 7X7 series and not anything from the classic CompuRhythm line (CR-78, CR-8000, CR-68, etc.). I'm not saying that this should be a free update by any means, but I think Roland should reconsider the hefty price on this one. Now, if this expansion included the TR-606/626, TR-505, as well as the 707 sounds, I might feel that I'm getting my money's worth, but right now, I'm just not able to wrap my head around the current asking price. 

Since we're on the subject of drum machines, why not take this quiz! I scored lower than I thought I would, but the fact that I did get several correct does confirm that I am indeed some sort of dork. 


  1. "after dropping $500 on a drum machine " thats just painful. its not analog and even with similar circutry it still doesnt stand up to a real 808 or 909. You would have been better off getting an MPC500 and have unlimited drum kits that dont cost money.

    1. True. I think if anything, I wanted the TR-8 more for the "TR" layout aesthetic and just to have a simple drum machine to jam with.

  2. I owned the 727 and it was great in the mid eighties, but can't see why anybody would want to use those same exact sounds now. I sold mine to a shop in 1993 for about 100$ US and now I see they are selling for three times as much because is "vintage". People don't use these sounds in modern music and probably not from drum machines just computers.