Harry Reems (1947 - 2013)

Herbert "Harry Reems" Streicher
(August 27, 1947 – March 19, 2013)

When it came to laying pipe in the late 70's through the late 80's, no other mustached porn star held a candle to the powerful machismo of Harry Reems. As a perverted 11 year old, one of the first porn flicks that I ever saw featured Mr. Reems ferociously going down on Erica Boyer, and truth be told, that was the first time that I ever saw cunnilingus, let alone knew that it existed! My mind was blown. Granted, it would be several more years before I actually went down on a girl, but when I did, I pictured myself as Harry Reems and emulated exactly what he did. In turn, this made a bunch of girls coo-coo for Tommy puffs, but that's a whole other story that we'll get into at a later time. Thank you Mr. Reems.

Rest in peace.