Pretty Dope!

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Pull up a chair and let me get nostalgic for a second or two...

If my hazy memory serves me right, I first heard Egypt, Egypt when I was in the sixth grade, circa 1986 and instantly, it carved a special spot in my heart that has stuck with me over the years. If anybody were to ever ask me to define the West-Coast electro sound of the mid-80's, without a doubt I would reference Egyptian Lover's eponymous Egypt, Egypt. I will even go as far as professing that this song is in my top 50 of all time! The simplicity of the 808 beats and vocoder (which was being done to death around this time) worked so incredibly well and when combined with the heavy breathing and edgy synth lead; how could you not love this song?! Classic shit!!!

Anyways,  this video comes to you courtesy of The Red Bull Music Academy as the debut of their new Key Tracks video series in which musical pioneers, mavericks and legends walk us through the making of their signature tunes. File this under MUST WATCH.