Some Cool Shit To Check Out

Do ya wanna check out a wicked-trouough list of P-Funk sample references? It's along the same lines of The-Breaks, but it only covers shit by Parliament, Funkadelic, Parlet, etc. Check it out HERE.

I don't know how long it will last, but Rapidshare is giving away premium accounts for FREE. Hurry up because at the moment, there are only 1,741 free accounts left. Read all about it HERE.

Check out this cool (albiet nerdy) interview with the Beastie Boys as they discuss the making of their 2004 album To The Five Boroughs with Remix Magazine. Sure it's almost 2 years old but who cares? It's the Beastie Boys dammit!!! Read it HERE.

Lastly, have you ever wanted to record streaming audio off the internet or perhaps sample some dialogue from your favorite MPEG or AVI (those are video formats for you computer illiterates out there)? Gone are the days of hooking up a cassette recorder to your sound card or doing whatever it is that you've been doing because have I got a nifty little tool for you...The AD Stream Recorder !!! It's an audio recording program that can record and visualize live streaming audio from the Internet, audio from movies and music played by the most popular media players as well as from any source of your sound card into MP3 and WAV format. AD Stream Recorder features include real-time audio stream visualization before and during recording, sound clipping detection and record control with hotkeys.

download HERE (810kb)
pass: miscreant


  1. the link is dead now but how did you get a free RS account?

  2. ahh i also got in on that free rapidshare crap too... i signed up 3 different emails and have been downloading non-stop haha... the free month initiative is a pretty cool idea... 10,000 points here i come!

    also thanks for the stream program, will be usefull recording some interviews from down under... missed out on a People Under The Stairs interview just yesterday :/

  3. Whatup Simon...I jsut happened to go to Rapidshare to upload something and they had a banner advertising for the free account. Perhaps they'll make the offer again...

    Yo Biff...I didn't even think about signing up with mulitple email accounts. DOH! Oh well. And man, I have been d-loading like a mother-trucker too...everything and anything!


  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2006

    man, keep scouring. i always check miscreant for the drops