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Internet Archive: NYFD 9/11 Dispatches. At times, this is some surreal shit to listen to and at other times, it's monotonous as hell and by that I mean there's lots of radio silence. If you have some free time (there's several hours worth of communications here) and you want to experience 9/11 from a more front-line perspective, definitely check them out.

Fawaz - Bahrain. MrC tipped me off about this drum and bass blog and hot damn, this guy's got some wicked shit posted for download. Besides a bunch of 12" rips, he's got some mixes by the likes of Metalheadz, Ram Trilogy, and Klute just to name a few. Thanks again MrC.

Silence Is A Rhythm Too. Another decent blog with some very non-mainstream stuff. It's not really my taste in music necessarily, but some of y'all may dig it.

The American Resistance Foundation. It could be seen as racist propaganda or it could be seen as a call to arms for American citizens. You decide.

Sara Kryscio. And lastly, but most certainly not least, Sara is a friend of mine that I met on our cruise a few months back and her music is nothing short of amazing. It's folky, it's blusey, and very reminiscent of Joni Mitchell but so very different at the same time. Look, do yourself a favor and give her a listen...It's that good.

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2006

    It sounds like a lot of act-tough hillbillies to me. Too bad. These people aren't exposed to a whole lot out in the trailer parks, and since they probably didn't get too far in school they aren't comfortable reading serious academic works that might challenge a narrow, provincial attitude. Yes, they may feel threatened by the advancing foreign hordes trying to steal their low skill jobs and mongrelize the white race, but their real enemies are the billionaires who use them for their racist schemes, to fight their wars, and afterward abandon them on the trashpile of history. Remember the army? The generals love it when the privates fight each other, because it's easier to divide and conquer. Someday, all the pawns are going to get together -- regardless of color -- and see who the real enemies are. Trust me, it isn't some poor bastard picking lettuce. Get my drift?