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Charlie Rouse - Two Is One (1974)

So dope!

I've been digging this album for a while now, and after a revisit over the weekend, it still stands the proverbial test of time. Also, for those keeping track, the bass and drums from Hopscotch were sampled by the Beastie Boys in B-Boys Makin With The Freak Freak. Enjoy this groovy masterpiece at 320kbps!

In A Funky Way
In Is Presence Searching
Two Is One

(83mb via Zippyshare)

On Wine: How to Select & Serve (1964)

Delicious again, Peter.

Beastie Boy fans and wine snobs will rejoice as Peter Sichel, Warren Moran, and Kay Lande break down just about everything that you need to know about wine by way of an 18 minute Q&A session. Once you have the basics of wine selection and pairing down, you can flip the record and check out some nice classical music which will hopefully set the mood for wine soaked shindig. Cheers!

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Peter Sichel - On Wine: How to Select & Serve
Percy Faith - Fascination
Ray Conniff - Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto
Andre Kostelanetz - Musetta's Waltz
Skitch Henderson - Merry Window Waltz
Sammy Kaye - Wine, Women, and Song

(75mb via Zippyshare)

Miscreant Battle Breaks Vol. 2

Album: Miscreant Battle Breaks Vol. 2
Year: 2014
Number Of Tracks: 2

This is the second installment of the ongoing Miscreant Battle Breaks series. It was arranged by Casiohardcore and features one track of scratchable sounds, tones, stabs, noises, and one track of drums and whatnot. Enjoy!

Side A: Noise
Side B: Drums

(36mb via direct download)

Volume 1 can be downloaded here!

Long Fellow ‎– This is Penis 12'' (1989)

I'm giving you penis...

I'm not sure what to say about this one and more so, I'm not even sure how this made it's way into my record collection, but if you've ever heard Maurice's classic This is Acid, then this track should sound extremely familiar. The music is nearly identical, however Long Fellow has changed the vocals and replaced the word "acid" with the word "penis"; simple as that! I think I'm going to try to slip this into the mix the next time we have company over...

Personally ripped from vinyl @320kbps

This is Penis (Acid Mix)
This is Penis (Instrumental)
This is Penis (Accapella)

(27mb via Zippyshare)

A Personal Holy Grail Has Been Found

Let me get some action from the back section...

As some of you may know, I've spent the past sixteen years compiling a collection of all of the material that was sampled by the Beastie Boys from Licensed to Ill all the way up until To The Five Boroughs, and whereas I was able to source and track down nearly everything, there was one particular bit that has evaded my capture, and it was Modern Dynamic Physical Fitness Activities by Ed Durlacher which was sampled for Body Movin' from 1998's Hello Nasty. Just in case you live under a rock and have no idea what I'm talking about, give this a listen and peep the sampled "instructional voice" at the start of the track:

I was working with a friend on tracking this down, and just when it started looking bleak, I did quick search on Amazon (of all places) and low and behold somebody had a copy they were selling. It was still a crapshoot because there were several volumes of this collection that were made and there were no specifics on which volume it was sampled from. Realizing that I might not have this opportunity again (as tends to be the case with old records), I took the gamble and placed my order. Several days later, USPS dropped off my package and I immediately went into mad scientist mode. There were eight 78rpm records in this collection, so I wasn't really sure where to start aside from record number one, side A. The voice of Ed Durlacher was immediately recognizable and within just a few seconds, the sample was clearly recognizable: Ready? You will do this four times with the left, four with the right, then eight times with both, then repeat. Now that this has been acquired, it will be ripped and added to, what is likely to be, the final update for the Beastie Boys Sample Source Collection. I don't know exactly when it will be released, but I'm guessing sometime within the next few weeks. Additionally, at some point, I will rip the entire Modern Dynamic Physical Fitness Activities album and post it here for those that listen to and collect these sort of things.