Happy Birthday + Happy 420

Today, my sweet black kitty turns seven! She's the eldest of the Miscreant Cat Clowder, and also the most reclusive/anti-social. When she's not sunning herself and tracking lizards, Dahli can usually be found hanging out on or around my desk and subsequently getting her hair everywhere. As she's gracefully aged, Dahli has become curiously odd and has taken on a very neurotic role amongst the other cats; think George Costanza meets Rain Man with a little Zsa Zsa Gabor thrown in for good measure. Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Sweet Dhee! The Pounce will be a plenty!

Casiohardcore - Strippers With The Shits (Stretch Mark City Remix)

Beastie Boys - Too Many Rappers (Video)

Crab rappers, and hackers, and circuit benders...

Back in 2009, we were teased with a screencap of what appeared to be a video for the Beastie Boys/Nas collab Too Many Rappers, but sadly, it never saw the light of day...that is, until a few days ago. I've watched the video several times over and each time, it makes me smile and sad all at the same time. I fucking love these guys and always will. RIP Adam Yauch. 

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Dahli The Huntress

Gato vs. Lagarto

Although an incredibly pampered inside cat, Dahli-Bell (aka Sweet Dhee) can still hunt down and drop a lizard in the blink of an eye. Today, luck was on the side of the lizard as he escaped the situation (minus his tail) and lived to see another day. For those keeping track, the lizard here is a brown anole and they can be found all throughout Florida.

2 Live Crew - Move Somethin' [Clean Version] (1988)

Although I can't find anything that confirms this, I believe that it was Luke Skyywalker who began the trend of releasing clean versions of typically explicit albums to appease the under 18 crowd. In reality, there isn't much difference between the clean and the dirty versions of this album with the exception of the omission of a several tracks, a few edits, and a different introduction. For those keeping track, the version of Do Wah Diddy which appears here, as well as on the dirty version of Move Somethin', was built on a solid TR-808 beat whereas the version which came out on the 12 inch single (the version which got played heavily on South Florida radio) was done on the Emu SP-1200 with the Tommy Roe Sweet Pea drum loop. The difference is night and day, but for my ghetto bass dollar, I prefer the nasty-ass, trunk rattling sound of the 808 version. 

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Drop The Bomb
Move Somethin'
Ghetto Bass II
With Your Bad Self
Do Wah Diddy
Word II
Feel Alright Y'all
Mega-Mixx II

The Backyard Possum (aka Pool-Pah)

I was on the porch the other day when I looked out upon the lawn and saw this cool little fella nibbling fruit under the adonidia tree in the backyard. I nicknamed him Pool-Pah because, when I first saw him, I was listening to the soundtrack of the unreleased film, The Flasher, which was recorded by a band calling themselves...you guessed it; Pool-Pah! He hung around for a bit, ate some more fruit, crawled into the tree, and eventually faded into the darkness as the day gave way to the evening. For those wondering, although primarily nocturnal, around December and January, it's not at all uncommon to see possum during daylight hours, especially on cloudy or cool days, or whenever food might be scarce.

Pugs On Drugs - Kibble Beats (2005)

For those not in-the-know, 2015 marks the ten year anniversary of the release of the one and only Pugs On Drugs project; Kibble Beats. I started this album as a collab between myself and a few friends online, however after several weeks, it was abandoned and we all went our separate musical ways. As time permitted, I reworked, reprogrammed, and resampled what little we had produced and the end results would forever be known as the Kibble Beats.

Shank Tool
Monkey Bay Blues
Eye Of The Hurricane
Out-Call Only
Morally Bankrupt
The Thin Line Between Nightmares & Dreams

320kbps via direct download (30mb)

Jam Pony Express - The Legend Continues (1995)

More real'a than Godzilla!

If you grew up in South Florida in the late 80's/early 90's, you've likely heard of Jam Pony and their highly sought after, and incredibly bad-ass mixtapes. What made Jam Pony Express different from other DJ crews was their unique mic-check style (also known as regulating) in which they would play songs, but cut the fader at certain parts and drop in their own vocals. If you're unfamiliar with this style, check this out and let it ride for a bit and you'll get the idea. I remember seeing the tapes for sale at local gas stations and flea markets, but I usually got them by way of trade from classmates or from kids on my Little League team. As time went on, my musical tastes shifted, but I always had a special spot in my heart for Jam Pony, and the Miami Bass scene in general. In 1995, Jam Pony Express released their one and only full-length album, and whereas it was their actual music (as opposed to a mixtape), it still held true to their classic form. I don't foresee this staying posted for very long, so I strongly suggest grabbing this while you can!

RIP Big Ace!

Personally ripped @ 320kbps

Lauderdale Style
Climb Aboard
Lick It Down
Whore Just Go
Graffiti On The Wall
Pop That Booty
J.P.E. Live Pt. II
Slic Vic's Rhyme
Let's Flow
Betcha Can't Ride - The Dick
To The Window To The Wall
Piece Of The Pie
30's N. Vogues
Megamix II

320 via Zippyshare (151mb)

Beastie Boys - Too Many Rappers 12'' (2009)

All these crab rappers, rapping like crabs...

For those keeping track, this is original version which features MCA delivering a different opening verse than what appears on Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The New Reactionaries Version is definitely dope, but there's something really raw and stripped down about the OG shit.

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Too Many Rappers
Too Many Rappers (Instrumental)
Too Many Rappers (A Cappella)

via Zippyshare (31mb)

Smart E's - Sesame's Treet 12'' (1992)

I had a love/hate relationship with this song...

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Sesame's Treet (12'' Version)
Sesame's Treet (Krome & Time Remix)
Sesame's Treet (Edit)
Sesame's Treet (Beltram Mix)
Sesame's Treet (Hardcore Mix)

via Zippyshare (64mb)

The TR-7X7 Expansion Is Available From Roland

Good news everybody; Roland has finally released the highly anticipated TR-7X7 expansion for the TR-8 drum machine! This means, in addition to having the rich and robust 808 and 909 sounds at your disposal, you will also be able to use sounds from the underrated Roland TR-707 and TR-727 drum machines. The bad news; this update will cost us $95 (US). More info here

In the real world/grand scheme of things, it's not at all uncommon for a company to charge for expansion packs or for additional content, however after dropping $500 on a drum machine which, essentially has only two kits, being asked to fork over another $95 for additional drum sounds seems like a bit much, especially considering it's only the 7X7 series and not anything from the classic CompuRhythm line (CR-78, CR-8000, CR-68, etc.). I'm not saying that this should be a free update by any means, but I think Roland should reconsider the hefty price on this one. Now, if this expansion included the TR-606/626, TR-505, as well as the 707 sounds, I might feel that I'm getting my money's worth, but right now, I'm just not able to wrap my head around the current asking price. 

Since we're on the subject of drum machines, why not take this quiz! I scored lower than I thought I would, but the fact that I did get several correct does confirm that I am indeed some sort of dork. 

The Bass That Ate Miami (Full Documentary)

If you never saw the documentary, now is your chance! I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere in 2013 and it was utterly amazing for those of us that dig Miami Bass. A huge thanks to Alex Weir, Great Scott, Rick Sosa, Dreamhouse Studios, and Cut It Up Def Entertainment for putting together this amazing piece of history!