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M-Cee Zeus - Chicken Head (1987)

When I say chicken, you say head...

It goes without saying that Miami Bass had tons of "call and response" type songs, but one of the dopest (next to 2 Live Crew's We Want Some Pussy) is undoubtedly Chicken Head by M-Cee Zeus. For those keeping track at home, Chicken Head actually sampled the guitar riff from We Want Some Pussy, and more importantly it was one of the many gems that was recorded at the legendary Hideaway Studios in Davie, Florida. This track shot to popularity and entered regular rotation on Power 96 thanks in part to the weekly "battle of the bands" show that the station hosted, in which Chicken Head won several times in a row. Needless to say, this record has been in my collection for nearly 25 years and continues to be a personal favorite for countless reasons. The sparse beats and vocal hook are undeniably dope, but the true treasure of the song is the last verse which goes like this...

I'm wanna take you to my house
I'll show you what I'm all about
That's when you'll start to scream and shout
I'll make you wanna say owwwww
We can relax on my couch
Watch G.I. Joe or Mickey Mouse
You don't have to ask me how
I give my word, cause that's my vow

Poetry man....fucking poetry!

Personally ripped from vinyl @320kbps

Chicken Head
Chicken Head (instrumental)

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Dimples Tee - Jealous Fellas (1987)

The importance of this track within the Miami Bass community cannot be underestimated! Unknown to most is that Dimple Tee's Jealous Fella's was actually a response record to a track put out by J.D.C. a year earlier, aptly titled Jealous Girls. I don't recall Jealous Girls getting a lot of radio play, but Jealous Fella's became a mainstay on the local mixshows, and thus melted it's way into my heart in the mid/late 80's. For those not in the know, this track was produced by none other than the late Eric Griffin, who had also produced such classics as Just Give The DJ A Break, Make It Mellow, Poison Ivy, and Triple M Bass just to name a few. If I'm not mistaken, in addition to being a master on the SP-1200, I believe that Eric G. was also one of the founders/owners of Bass Station Records. Anyways, you might already have this gem in your collection, but alas this is a fresh rip and it sounds mighty nice! Cheers! 

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Jealous Fella's (vocal mix)
Jealous Fella's (Norberto Mix)
Jealous Fella's (instrumental mix)

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I Will Definitely Need To Try This At Home! well as this here!

D.C. Scorpio - Stone Cold Hustler II (1989)

As the 1980's drew to a close, hip-hop had firmly adopted the anti-crack message, and it wasn't long before scores upon scores of songs were filled with cautionary tales of the dangers of smoking, as well as dealing in crack cocaine. Not that I would have ever smoked crack, but hearing emcees tell these gritty tales of hustling and street survival was more of an anti drug message than any of Nancy Reagan's silly (yet well intended) Just Say No campaigns. Because there were so many anti-crack songs that were put out in this era, many were lost in the shuffle. For the lucky few which had videos that were shown on BET's Rap City or Yo! MTV Raps, they were only played once or twice and then taken out of rotation and mothballed as the next era of hip-hop was quietly ushered in.

One particular track that has always stuck with me is DC Scorpio's Stone Cold Hustler Part II, not so much for the anti-crack message, but rather for that sick beat and maniacal vocal delivery. I don't exactly know why, but the drums on this track always reminded me of the drums on LL Cool J's I'm That Type of Guy (or vice versa). Back then, I was never able to find the album this track was on (let alone anything else from DC Scorpio), so I assumed that he probably churned out many tracks of this same caliber and I even tried to imagine what they would sound like. As the digital age entered, I was able to look up and listen to other tracks from DC Scorpio and was I ever shocked to learn that he was a mainstay on the hip-hop go-go scene, which was a subsegment of hip-hop which I was never interested in. As it stands, Stone Cold Hustler Part II is a dope-ass track, and it definitely has a spot in my life's playlist, but other mixes on the single are just; meh. I guess if you're into go-go shit, it's alright, but the uptempo pseudo-diatribe of the main mix is what really spits hot fire in my book.  Word!

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Stone Cold Hustler II
Stone Cold Hustler II (Jazz Mix)
Stone Cold Hustler II (Jeep Mix)
Stone Cold Hustler II (Jeep Mix Instrumental)

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Track ID Needed!

Can anybody identify this song snippet? It was found on a generic consumer cassette tape which originated from Sao Paulo, Brazil around 1988 or 1989. There were a several other US electro/freestyle songs on this cassette (Lookout Weekend, Let The Music Play, It's Automatic, etc.) so I'm assuming this is likely something of the same era/genre. If you happen to know, please shoot an email to and I would be eternally grateful! Many thanks in advance!

Back On The Scene (The Hiatus is Off...Again)

Aloha friends! I'm back on the scene (sans the gangster lean) with all sorts of goodies, info, news, rants, rips, and everything else in between! More importantly, the Miscreanthology (formerly the Miscreant Cassette Archive Project) is nearing completion! In short, it's a discography of nearly everything that I've recorded between 1990 and 2014 in MP3/320kbps format. Also included is all of the pertinent album art and liner notes as well as a few other treats. I won't lie, most of my early shit is pretty cringeworthy and the quality is less than stellar, but it does paint a pretty good picture of who I was and what I was doing all those years ago! Although a release date isn't firm, it will definitely be within the next few months, however if you're interested in getting your own copy sent to you on a custom flashdrive, shoot an email to and kindly provide us with your name and physical mailing address and once ready, they will be shipped out FREE of charge! That's right! I am sending you a flashdrive preloaded with my music and it will not cost you a penny (or whatever your region's lowest form of currency is). Obviously, supplies will be limited so this is a first come/first serve sorta deal, and as the days get closer, I will be posting more info.

Stay tuned!

The Get Fresh Girls - I Seen Your Boyfriend (1990)

Bringing it back home to Miami for this one! The year was 1990 and Miami Bass was still a hot commodity as SP-1200 beats began to replace the classic Roland TR-808 drums in the battle for programmable bass supremacy. There was so much great music that was made between 1989 and 1990, and one of the most seminal tracks from this era is undoubtedly I Seen Your Boyfriend by Beatmaster Clay D and The Get Fresh Girls. I've always had a special spot in my heart for female rappers, but The Get Fresh Girls were more than just rappers; they were the ladies of Miami Bass! I'm not sure if it was the scorned lyrics and the playful way that they're presented or the dope-ass multi-tonal drums, but this song butters my biscuit like no other! On August 8 of 2013, I went to the premiere screening of The Bass That Ate Miami and who ends up sitting in front of me? The Get Fresh Girls! Slightly starstruck, and in complete awe, I wanted to belt out "I seen your boyfriend, I-I seen your man", but I wasn't sure if my homage would be appreciated or not. Instead I took the high road and gave them a slight tip-of-the cap as if to thank them for recording one of the dopest Miami Bass songs...ever!  

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

I Seen Your Boyfriend (club vocal)
I Seen Your Boyfriend (dub)
I Seen Your Boyfriend (radio)

(34mb via Solidfiles)

Terminator X - Wanna Be Dancin'/Buck-Whylin' (1990)

If you're a fan of Public Enemy, the name Terminator X should sound incredibly familiar, and if so, you've likely checked out (or at least heard of) his Valley of the Jeep Beets project from 1990. My introduction to this album was by way of the lead single Buck-Whylin' which features a superbad Chuck D throwing down rhymes in a lyrical diatribe that truly captured of essence of Public Enemy, just without the comic relief of Flavor Flav. When I finally copped the album (more specifically the cassette), with the exception of Buck-Whylin', I was somewhat disappointed. I knew that it was not an actual PE project, but I guess that I expected that it would still retain some of the aura of Fear of a Black Planet, Nation of Millions, or even Yo, Bum Rush The Show, however my expectations fell a bit short. In hindsight, for what it was, Valley of the Jeep Beets wasn't that bad, but it's just not what I was expecting. Since I found myself listening to Buck-Whylin' more so than any other track on the album, and because that beat was so sick, it only made sense to pick up the twelve-inch single from the now-defunct DJ Store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Curiously, Buck-Whylin' was the b-side on the Wanna Be Dancin' single, which was a less than notable track from Celo which appeared on the Jeep Beets album. Once you get through the four minutes of Wanna Be Dancin', it's nothing but Buck-Whylin' madness for the next nine minutes! The single and instrumental versions are there, plus an additional minute and a half of instrumental simply dubbed Groove Wit The X-Man. I would have liked to have seen a bald-beat remix or at the very least, have a bit of a capella to work with, but I will gladly take what I have been provided with! For you sample nerds out there, the gist of the beat/instrumental comes from Black Flag's Rise Above with scratches from Keep On Moving by Soul II Soul and a drum drop from Whodini's Friends. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle...

Personally ripped from vinyl @ 320kbps

Wanna Be Dancin'
Groove Wit The X-Man
Buck-Whylin' (instrumental)

(31mb via Solidfiles)

The Compton Compilation - Under Investigation (1989)

For those that recall, I posted this album back in 2006, and although it was my personal rip, the quality was pretty low thanks to a shitty cassette player and poor EQing. Curiously, this same rip seems to be the one that is shared on other blogs as well as in Amazon's MP3 store, and it's a shame because this is truly a dope/underrated album. Below is an amended piece that I wrote eight years ago:

In 1989, every week with the money the I saved working as a bagboy at Publix, I would trek to the local record store and pick up a new hip-hop tape. At the time, Uncle Sam's Records had a very limited selection of hip-hop and what little they had was kept in a glass case behind the counter. At this point in time, I was listening to Eazy-E and N.W.A. and naturally, I heard the name Compton being thrown around, but it wasn't until I saw a 20/20 episode about the L.A. gang culture (specifically in Compton and Watts) that I became obsessed with the city, specifically where music was concerned.

On this particular trip to Uncle Sam's, I picked up The Sound Control Mob's - Compton Compilation "Under Investigation". Had I ever heard of it? No. Had I heard of any of the artists on the album? No. Did it have the name Compton somewhere in the title? Indeed! This was the first time that I had ever purchased an album from an artist that I hadn't heard of, and when I finally got home and dropped it in my boom-box, I was moderately pleased. As is usually the case, some tracks stand out from the rest namely Rhymes Too Funky by Compton's Most Wanted, Lyrical Assassin by Legion of Boom, and What's Your Name by PG-13. The others are decent, if not slightly dated, however The Compton Compilation provides a nice glimpse as to where West Coast hip-hop was circa 1989.

Twenty five years later, this album completely withstands the test of time, and whereas the SP-1200 beats and subsequent rhymes may sound primitive to some, to others (such as myself), the simplicity is beautiful and represents a time in hip-hop that could never exist by todays fucked up standards.

Personally re-ripped on a Tascam 202mkII and processed @320kbps

The Real MC Master Rhyme - Off The Top Of My Brain
Compton's Most Wanted - Rhymes Too Funky
Vanilla C - Vanilla Don't Play
Chuck Small - U Got Nothing Comin
Legion of Boom - Lyrical Assassin
The Invincible Jolly Joe and Masta Ric Rock - Jamaica Funk Groove
MC Stripe - Get Busy
Quicksand - Quicksand
PG-13 - What's Your Name
The Sound Control Mob - The Mob Is Here

(100mb via Solidfiles)